About me

Lets be real here, this world can be a depressing place, so lets spread a little joy, have a few laughs and maybe learn a little along the way. That’s the purpose of this blog anyway. See, I have spent my entire life studying.  Straight from school, to University, to a PhD- which I am now trying to finish…. Honestly, I think my journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, I have seen and done amazing things that many people go their whole lives without, and I feel it’s about time I share this with someone.

My name is Nicole Foster, I am just a girl from Adelaide, Australia who loves the ocean and when there is a break from studying (does that exist?) you’ll find me diving, surfing, swimming or basically anything to do with the outdoors or nature. I find joy in the little things in life but also spend my days tackling some of the most pressing environmental issues we face today. I think the world we live in is beautiful and we all should do our part to protect it, I try to model this idea throughout my life all the while injecting some positivity and laughs along the way, so join me on this journey. 

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