What is sound healing?

Ever heard of sound healing? No? me neither, until yesterday. That was when I found out that today I would be participating in sound healing therapy. My first thought was probably the same as yours, what is this voo doo nonsense? However, I am not one to turn down experiences and I was actually rather excited and intrigued- definitely more intrigued- to see what this was all about. Well Jared rocked up at the door around lunchtime and we made small talk while we waited for some other people to join us. I think Jared’s sound healing instruments were the standout, he had a digeridoo! Well actually he had several. Being an aussie in a foreign country and seeing the digeridoo felt like a little bit of home was with me. While Jared set up his sound healing tools, we all layed down on the floor, it reminded me of primary school when we all had to lay down with the lights off for meditation time. As I am writing this I am wondering whether that was actually normal or whether the teacher was just trying to get some piece and quiet… anyway Jared put some small golden bowls around our heads and feet, I think these were sound healing bowls and the different sizes made me think they all vibrate at a different frequencies, each producing a different sound.  Then the sound healing therapy began…he started with a massive drum, like a gong, and he walked around us banging it. I found the whole situation entirely amusing and had to stifle my giggles, it was nothing against what Jared was doing, it was more I get the giggles when I am nervous. Once the nerves subsided, I settled into the session and tried to close my eyes. The digeridoo was amazing, the sound it makes is so soothing and you can really feel the vibrations in your body. My mind wondered to what is actually causing the vibrations, is it the digeridoo making molecules and atoms move? How do these sounds resonate with our bodies? What actually is sound?… this whole sound healing session went on for about an hour but it felt like a lot longer to me, I definitely lost myself in it. I don’t know if you have ever had the experience of getting chills from listening to some really beautiful music, but that is exactly what I felt during this experience. I had chills up and down my spine and goose bumps on my arms and legs. It’s hard to describe but I felt relaxed, more than that, I felt like I wasn’t in my body like I had gone to another place for a little while. Now I am not someone who mediates, and I would not class myself as religious (maybe a little spiritual) but I definitely felt something during that hour. I cannot quite put my finger on what it was, but I can say it was a very pleasant feeling. I wouldn’t really say I was “healed” but I would 100% do it again, it felt amazing and I felt fortunate to be able to have that experience and talk to Jared about his work in sound healing therapy training.

Image from https://www.jaredbistrong.com of Jared Bistrong (If you are in the Miami region get in contact, he is incredible at what he does)

The fun didn’t stop there, that afternoon while I was looking into the backyard, I spotted a dolphin in the canal! Obviously being the nature buff that I am, I immediately raced outside to get a closer look. What I saw was actually quite upsetting. It was low tide and there was a great swarm of rubbish floating through the canal, it was disheartening to see. Plastic bags, wrappers and even a backpack just floating out into the ocean. Unfortunately, the low tide meant I could not reach any of this rubbish but to think this flows out into the ocean every day, it really breaks my heart. On top of this was another issue, which I was actually both excited and at the same time disheartened about. There was seagrass floating through the canal and a whole lot of it! Now you should know from my previous blogs that seagrasses are one of the coastal plants I work to conserve but I am actually also a huge seagrass fan (sorry mangroves and saltmarshes, I love you, but I love seagrass more). Anyway, seeing the seagrass was great but the fact it was all floating along the canal meant that it had broken away, likely as a result of boat motors tearing it up. This is actually a major contributor to seagrass loss around the world. Boat owners hate that seagrass gets trapped in their propellers but what they should remember is seagrass is what is keeping the fish in the sea, keeping the shorelines beautiful and the water clear. Despite this, we seem to go ahead and clear the seagrass to make way for marinas and boats without a second thought… I guess no amount of sound healing can heal the planet we are destroying…

Seagrass in the canal, unfortunately this has all been ripped up 😦

I try to do the best I can for the environment, inflicting as little damage as possible but I am not perfect. I say this because that night I got on a flight… I am not going to say where the flight was headed, as I would like to build some suspense for the next blog post. Just know that it is somewhere warm, it has seagrass and it is beautiful. Stay tuned for what awaits the next adventure but also another rather beautiful thing occurred while I was on the flight. I always request a window seat because I like to look outside, and it makes me feel like I have more room. This particular night on this flight it was a full moon, I had never observed a full moon from a plane before. Out up in the clouds away from light pollution looking at the brightest moon I had ever seen was a beautiful moment. I cannot say definitively that sound can heal you, but it can certainly relax and centre you. 

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